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Grow your brand strategically.

Siete Insights is a brand strategy consultancy with a global mindset. We deliver local and international growth for your organization through deep-buried strategic insights.



Many brands are taking decisions without proper consideration of consequences and implications. 2020 was a year that brought brands back down to the level playing field. Siete Insights are all about thorough analysis and actionable insights from which we build out a strategic plan that brings value to your organization and your customers. Our insights will help your organization leverage existing assets, enhance and leverage perceptions, get closer to your consumers, and leave less money on the table. We do not work with more than two clients at a time to ensure maximum dedication and quality of work.



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optimisation of brand positioning

How often do you consider how your business or employer is perceived? The most common answer I hear is ... "No need to, our marketing campaigns speak for themselves."

The modern business environment does not behave that way. The mismatch between brand strengths and perceptions can lead to wasted investment, potential, and brand value.

The covid-19 pandemic left most brands on a level playing field. Perceptions were lost, positioning ruined. With the new market environment and your vision in mind, we will provide you with actionable insights on how to leverage your brand strengths in order to take on a stronger position on the market. We will find ways for you to leverage your strengths while being prepared for the future.

our process



this element of our project methodology will provide the actionable intelligence necessary in the insights development. we will take a deep dive into your business – to understand your organization, your products, your vision. the goal of this phase is to understand the internal and external motivations and resources that guide your organization through decision-making processes.

know the market

this phase combines the analysis of your business environment and a distinct definition of your organization’s market position. we will identify growth opportunities, and come up with our own sense of what is going on at your organization. we will talk to your customers, partners, and other stakeholders that will help us discover where your market perception does not meet your offering and capabilities.


this stage will serve to identify any alignment or misalignment between the stakeholder perception and the capabilities of your organization. we will consider all elements of organization and market analysis and use stakeholder interviews to establish your position and growth opportunities.


conclusions resulting from analysis will provide guidance in refinement of strategic repositioning and the ultimate recommendation of siete insights.
our insights will help your organization leverage existing assets, get closer to your consumers, and leave less money on the table. we will align your brand strengths with perception to make sure you are leveraging every single bit of your brand.


we will suggest specific implementation elements to optimize the effectiveness of solutions offered by siete insights. these will be developed in full view of stakeholder data and will be aligned with the organization’s future goals, as well as market position and branding optimization. we will remains involved in the process, offering changes and alterations in the strategy as and when required. market conditions can change and thus it is necessary that we keep observing the developments and trends.


meet the founder


tim secnik, msc, mib

Tim Secnik completed numerous projects in diverse countries across the globe including the United States, Canada, Spain, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, and India. He ran dynamic brand management projects with various organization ranging from startups to governments and multinational corporations. He stands by continuous and progressive learning. He is also a stand-up comedian and would be happy to tell you a few terrible jokes.


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